Clubs & Hobbies

We offer an extensive array of extra-curricular activities with an assortment of clubs like literary club, dramatics club, science club, eco-club and social responsibility services among others.

An active Learning activity in a classroom reduces stress and makes the class lively and the child an achiever. Learning activities not only keeps the child occupied but can also be a reward at the end of a productive day. At Glendale they are used as beginning of the day, end of the day and as break time fun.

They are an integral part of the curricula. With a blend of pedagogical approaches that more regularly involve the student in the learning process we never find a traditional lecture class. Our classrooms buzz with life, laughter and love.



Nirman Public School Celebrates "World Environmental Day" on 6th June, 2016. All Students are requested to participate actively by getting saplings / potted plants to the school


Nirman international School is conducting Rangoli Competition on 11th June, 2016. Rangoli Competition on the concept of "World Environmental Day"


We are celebrating "Kargil Victory Day" to honor all brave Indian Army Solders, who fought & protecting our proud country India